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Solidarity with the protesters and hunger strikers in Idomeni!

We are currently setting up an Infopoint for the people who are pushed
back at the Greek-Macedonian Border in Idomeni.
In order to show the people who are protesting that their calls are
being heard and their struggle is recognised in Europe and across the
world, we are asking for individuals and groups to send statements of
solidarity: small moments of support for those fighting for their
freedom of movement. Declarations of unity to those struggling against
Fortress Europe.

Send us whatever sign of support comes to your mind. We will be present
in Idomeni with printer, megaphone and camera. We will print all
statement, photographs and poems. Play the words of solidarity. And
report back on what happens.

Let us prove that no fence, no wall and no military presence can seal
borders. Let us be there to show support and solidarity to those in
struggle. And if not in person, than in word, picture and sound. Send us
your solidarity call to or post it here!
Walls fall only when those shaking their foundations are being heard!


We are still searching for further translations: Slovenian, Arabic,
Farsi, Macedonian, Portuguese, Pashto, Kurmanji, Turkish etc. If someone
knows anyone who could translate the statement, that would be great!

And we will set up our infopoint from tomorrow in Idomeni/Eidomeni where
the road crosses the train tracks. We will share the statements there.
Everyone welcome.

Furthermore, we have written a letter of solidarity with the protesters
and hunger strikers in Idomeni, which we are going to share at our
Infopoint. Please find it attached.

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